Jacqui Walker

Jacqui has been singing since before she could talk. She was a regular performer on the Coffee Table Stage, making famous her renditions of, "If You Want My Body and You Think I'm Sexy" and anything by Abba, she quickly made a name for herself as a wanna be performer.

Her poor parents were forced to take her along to many Young Talent Time live tapings and forgive her, after she scratched all of their vinyl after learning how to operate the stereo at 12 months old.

At 12 years old, in Grade 6 at primary school, Jacqui was in both the school band and choir, and played recorder, keyboard, flute, triangle and tambourine. She performed with both choir and band at performances, running between. She taught herself to read Music when she was 10!

Jacqui has her parents to thank for 5 years of classical singing training and by 17 was singing Arias in Italian, German and Latin.

She played leads in amateur musicals, and gained her first professional performing job at just 18 in a theatre restaurant show where she was employed as a singer/actor/dancer, playing 10 characters in a 2 hour show. What a huge learning curve.

Since this time, Jacqui has (in between having children and completing a Double Degree in Arts/Teaching) featured in many films, tv shows, concerts, musicals, festivals, corporate events, pubs, clubs, parties and much much more; as a singer, actor and MC.

Jacqui is loving immersing herself in the Blues/Soul genre and is really excited about launching The Jacqui Walker Band.

For more information on Jacqui Walker, visit jacquiwalker.com


Glen Walker

Glen Walker is an experienced Bass Player, originally hailing from Tasmania. At 18, he completed the first year of the Diploma of Jazz and Rock Studies at the University of Tasmania, but left the course when he was offered a position in a working band. Who wouldn't?

So, Glen began his professional Bass Playing career at the age of 19, playing in a Blues Bros Tribute, "The Blues Bros Revival Show", based in the RnB genre. Glen was well known for his authentic rendition of Donald "Duck" Dunn's famous style.

With this band, he enjoyed a 3 month national tour with this band, playing at venues from Hobart to Cairns and Darwin. Quite an experience for a 19 year old from Tassie! A side project of this same band was "The Legends", playing a selection of mini tributes to artists such as, Queen, Van Halen, AC/DC, Billy Idol, ZZ Top and more.

Glen moved to Melbourne 13 years ago and has enjoyed playing in a number of cover bands, including on the "mainland", various fill in positions and session work including both covers and originals.

The past few years, Glen became absorbed in his family, and his IT career, and has realised that it is time to pick up the Bass once again!

If we are lucky, maybe we'll see the return of his leopard print lycra stage costumes from the early 90s and that outrageous stage presence that earned him the nickname Glen "Wildman" Walker.


Scott Gillespie

Scott Gillespie has been playing in bands and as a soloist since as long as he can remember, and has experience as an entertainer not only as a musician, but also as an accomplished dancer.

Scott's influences range from Prince and Eric Claptopn, through to Metallica and Earth, Wind and Fire.

After living all over Australiua from Broome to Brisbane, Scott is now reuniting with his old band mate Glen, playing together again since their high school band days after an undisclosed number of years. Even when pressed a second time, he refused to admit how long it has been.


Red Robyn

Red Rpbyn is a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist.


Initially studying classical music, she has bfranced inot many musical styles from Folk and Blues to Punk and Zydeco.